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Membership Benefits

Being a member of Fitness Clubhouse provides you the tools, motivation and support to succeed in your fitness goals - even when you may have failed in the past. Our staff of fitness experts and enthusiasts have made pooled their knowledge and experience into the information and features of Fitness Clubhouse so that members of all ages and fitness goals will find what they are looking for. See some of the features listed below that you can take advantage of immediately upon becoming a member.

Personalized Fitness Plans

No one fitness plan can be a perfect fit for everyone. Are you just getting started and trying on the latest high energy workout from TV? That can be discouraging enough for you to stop before you even get started. Fitness Clubhouse gives you a choice of plans to fit your weight and fitness goals, plus the ability to start slow and ramp up as your abilities grow.

Personalized Nutritional Plans

Has dieting been a "losing proposition" to this point? If you have struggled in the past to lose and keep those pounds off, Fitness Clubhouse can help. Find a meal plan that suits your goals and that you can enjoy.

Logs & Reports

An important part of any fitness & nutritional transformation is accountability. Keeping track of your nutrtional intake as well as your workout helps you see where you are succeeding and where you may need to some improvment. Use the Fitness Clubhouse reports to see a valuable snapshot of your progress, recent changes and how you are proceeding to your goals.

Community Help & Support

Not only do you receive valuable information, motivation and support from or expert staff, but you can also participate in the community of Fitness Clubhouse members. Find members with similar goals and needs that you can share successes and trials with, and push each other to stay focussed and succeed.

Partner Power

Learn the power of partner in acheiving your fitness success. Fitness Clubhouse will match you with another member that can be your partner, both helping you and receiving help from you in sticking to your plans and reaching your goals.

Education Center

Learn from our wealth of fitness and nutritional articles. Educate yourself on your areas of interest, and learn how to make your efforts count better than ever.

Product Discounts

Receive special member discounts on our recommended products. Fitness Clubhouse recommends only products that will help accelerate your progress, not try to give you the false belief that you can cheat the work necessary to succeed.

Goals & Reminders

Setting goals is a key part of success. You need to know where you would like to be and set realistic milestones to acheive along the way. Fitness Clubhouse helps you set those goals & milestones, and keeps you on track with regular reminders and updates along the way.

Fitness & Nutritional Tips

Choose your topic areas of interest and receive regular tips to not only futher your knowledge, but also keep you focused on your success.

Free Personal Diet Profile
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